Utility to plot some data. Parameter names to use for scripted plotting are displayed in labels' paranthesis.

If a file was selected, its datasets will be appended to datasets entered in the textarea, if any. In total, at least one dataset is required.


You can also call this utility from the command line. For example, using curl to plot the data "[2,4,6,8,10,12]" entitled "test" as a spectrum with log-2 scale on the x axis, log-10 on the y axis, in SVG format and save it to a file "test.svg":

curl -F "plottype=spectrum" -F "format=svg" -F "data=[[2,4,6,8,10,12]]" -F "legends=[\"test\"]" -F "xlabel=X axis" -F "xscale=log2" -F "yscale=log10" -o "test.svg"

Using two datasets with base e logarithm as x-axis scaling:

curl -F "plottype=spectrum" -F "format=svg" -F "data=[[2,4,6,8,10,12],[[2.2,4],[3.3,5],[4.4,5]]]" -F "legends=[\"test 1\",\"test 2\"]" -F "xlabel=X axis" -F "xscale=ln" -F "yscale=log10" -o "test.svg"

Using two "manual" datasets and one dataset in the file "data.json", plotted in a scatter plot:

curl -F "plottype=scatter" -F "format=svg" -F "data=[[2,4,6,8,10,12],[[2.2,4],[3.3,5],[4.4,5]]]" -F "[email protected]" -F "legends=[\"manual 1\",\"manual 2\",\"file\"]" -F "xlabel=X axis" -F "xscale=ln" -F "yscale=log10" -o "test.svg"