Design & implementation by P. Jansson.

A distributed page

What is this? These pages may seem to be somewhat cryptic in the beginning but if you give it some time, I'm sure it will be clarified quite soon.

The whole purpose of these pages is to make use of the vast amount of computing power of the computers connected to the Internet for some useful purpose. It is my strong belief that the major CPU time in the world is wasted on doing nothing. Would it not be nice if that time could be used for something more that just that? At the same time you are helping scientists perform some serious science. Since the power of a single computer is quite insignificant in comparision with the rest of the cyber world, the potential for a good result of this distributed computing is high.

Well... here is your chance! Simply visit this page and start one of the Java applets listed and let the spare CPU usage be of some use! The results of the calculations will be automatically transferred back to the server.

So far, only project 1 (gamma flux) is available. If this first example works out fine, then more applications will surely be readily available. Project 1 is coming to a closure, with the help of the ProcessTree[tm] Volunteer effort. Read more about it in the pages that follow.

Thank you for your attention!